New Adult Driver

Driveright offers driving instruction for adults (18 and over) in the following packages:

8 Hour Package
We will take the student on four 90-minute drives. These drives will introduce the student to various road environments and maneuverability (driving the car through the cones). We will also schedule the driving test for the student and take them for their test in a Driveright vehicle. We will pick them up one hour before their test and allow them to practice maneuverability and then take the test in the training vehicle.
The price for this service is $400.

4 Hour Package
The student will have two 2 hour driving sessions that will include maneuverability practice as well.
The price for this service is $250.

Abbreviated Adult Driving Hours                                                                          This will consist of two 2 hour driving lessons to meet the requirements of the driving portion with the completion of an online class of 4 hours through a state approved provider.                                            The price for this service is $200.